Saturday, September 12, 2009

Simply passing through...........

Former Attorney General Brigid Annisette-George.......when she was a PNM senator and Attorney General she would beat her chest with pride like a mighty Roman soldier in battle while making her ‘contributions’ in Parliament. Tork about boast, tork about brag. The PNM was perfect and all was well in sweet T&T.

Now that she is no longer Attorney General and it has been revealed that an administrative error occurred with the UFF Commission under her watch as Attorney General, particularly the none gazetting of the Commission she is no longer a Roman (sic PNM) warrior. Her weak response to an Express reporter concerning the none gazetting of the UFF Commission was that she has ‘returned to private life and prefers not to comment’.

When people can make statements like these it is clear that their stint in public cum government life was nothing more but a 'passing through'. It does not give the impression that these people were there to make a difference, a contribution for the benefit of country. They were just passing through to see what they can get out of the system.....unconcerned about leaving any positive legacy behind or leaving their mark so other's coming after can learn from their journey.

Such is the way of T&T’s politicians, boast and show off in ‘public life’.......... Deny, denounce, avoid and pass blame on resumption of ‘private life’. Or better yet, you can also deny, denounce, avoid and pass blame while remaining in public life.....but you have to perfect the art....... like Colm Imbert! ©

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Finger Licking Good!!!!
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