Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Attack On Trade Unions A Further Erosion Of Our Rights And Freedoms

It is quite clear that the current PNM administration through two state entities namely TSTT and PTSC is hell bent on sending a message of intimidation to the working class of this nation in addition to unleashing the conditions for a cruel indefinite wage freeze upon the labour force of this nation despite the continuous rise in the cost of living and government taxes. This current government has done everything in its power, from raising taxes, to raising utilities to squeeze the blood out of the working class of this nation to satisfy its insatiable reckless spending.

The solution to TSTT’s and PTSC’s request to decertify two of this country’s largest unions is quite simple. Every single member of the unions representing workers of these two entities should stop work ‘indefinitely’ until a message is sent to the bourgeoisie management and their bourgeoisie bosses in the respective Government Ministries that the workers are the life and blood of those companies. Every other single union in this country along with all political opposition forces and NGO’s should take this attack on the working class of this country extremely serious and give their all out support to the respective unions until government desists from oppressing the working class of this country. Massive rallies should be organised to picket TSTT, PTSC and the Parliament. Now is not the time for 'clan protectionism' or the 'it doesn't affect me attitude'. What the working class in this country need to understand is once Government (the largest employer in this country) begins to attack the working class and stifle justified wage demands it ultimately sends a message to the private sector who will follow suit.

The rights of the citizens of this country are being eroded every single day by this run away government, either through limiting of funds to the judiciary, the non-appointment of key public officials such as DPP, Solicitor General and COP, the proposal of a rogue ‘Draft Constitution’, the inexcusable reluctance to hold Local Elections and now the decertification of unions. Now is the time for citizens to open their eyes and see the storm approaching on the horizon, this storm is no longer ‘creeping’ it is now a full blown category five hurricane bearing down on our rights and freedoms! ©

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Finger Licking Good!!!!
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