Saturday, September 5, 2009

Planet of Wishers

As children we wish to grow older but as adults we wish to return to our childhood youth.

We wish for a good job and when we get that job we wish we could stay home and do nothing but relax.

We wish for cars but when we get them we wish we did not have the expense of having a car.

Some wish for fame but when they get it they then wish for privacy.

We wish for knowledge and understanding but when acquired we abhor its implications for our actions and wish for ignorance.

We wish for many friends and then wish for solitude.

Some wish for public office and then wish for unaccountability.

Some wish for truth but when truth is revealed they wish it was kept concealed.

We wish for wives and husbands but depending how the marriage goes we then wish for girlfriends and boyfriends.

We wish to acquire maturity then wish for the playfulness of children.

We wish for the energy to keep going then wish for a moment to just stand still.

We wish for progress and change then we wish for the way things were.

We wish for a life of order then wish for a life of spontaneity.

We wish for development and urbanism then we wish for nature and wild life.

We wish for control and then wish for the abscence of responsibility.

We are a planet of wishers wishing for things we do not necessarily need but wishing all the same because to live without a wish is to live without desire. What have you wished for lately? ©

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Finger Licking Good!!!!

Finger Licking Good!!!!
A moment every Trini could relate to :-)