Monday, September 7, 2009

The Feasibility of Unfeasible Governance!

On Friday September 4, 2009 Gary Hunt revealed close to a billion dollars was spent preparing the site for the proposed Tarouba Sporting Complex. For the sake of repetition and to ensure that the point gets across, not that I doubt anyone’s ability to comprehend.....close to a billion dollars was spent ‘preparing the site for the proposed Tarouba Sporting Complex’. What that means Trinidad and Tobago is close to a billion dollars of our tax payers dollars has been spent in a time of severe economic slowdown and we have absolutely nothing to show for it not even a stadium!

When pressed by Opposition MP Hamza Rafeeq for the cost of the entire project Hunt responded “It is not feasible to give a projected cost for the entire sporting complex and all lanned infrastructure, as the under briefs for all sporting infrastructure are not yet complete." When pressed about the expected date of completion Hunt responded "It is not feasible to give the completion date of the entire sporting complex." When pressed about the annual cost of maintenance of the complex after completion Hunt responded "It is not feasible to give a projected maintenance cost of the entire sporting complex as the user brief for each component of the planned complex is not yet complete."

Am I seeing things? Am I being delusional while reading the Express? Is this a nightmare? What exactly does this government think they are running a parlour? So what the hell exactly is 'feasible' to Gary Hunt?! You mean to tell me these people spent close to a billion dollars without doing a cost analysis and feasibility study? No one in the Ministry of Finance saw it fit to do a budget for this project before any site preparation was conducted? By Hunt’s response I suppose it is a high probability that this project could cost us 80 trillion dollars and more because clearly there is no budget limit or exit strategy if the project happens to be not so feasible! And I guess that the stadium can be completed somewhere between the years 5080 and 5081 by that time my behind would have been buried and reincarnated multiple times and each time I die it is with an expression of great annoyance splashed across my face with a balsier dagger sticking out of my faint heart!

And is if to ensure that the citizens of this country are kept on the alert, heart racing as if we are watching a terrifying horror movie all alone in the wee hours of the night, a mere day after Hunt’s flabbergasting revelations of the infeasibility of him not being able to feasibly account for projects under his not so feasibly managed Ministerial portfolio, we are now hearing news of the potential collapse of the Uff Commission after 3 million has been expended on this not so feasible fiasco and which does not include the cost of Government’s legal counsel! Why? Because the Commission was never ‘gazetted’?! What crockery is that?

Every day I open the blasted ‘gazette’ and reading about so and so said this at the Uff Commission and so and so was interviewed at the Uff Commission, heck as far as I’m concerned that is enough gazetting, let the damn Commission continue! I want to know about the evidence Carl Khan has and what Calder Hart’s wife has to say about Khan’s allegations of her family ties to directors of overnight company CH Development which UDECOTT awarded the contract to build the Ministry of Legal Affairs Tower!

This government is demonstrating a most wasteful and obscene form of governance ever witnessed in this country. This is what Patrick sacrificed Dr. Rowley for? This is what the purging and political exorcism of the great PNM was about? To facilitate financial mumbo jumbo and national espionage! Perhaps Patrick should include a team of financial advisers to his team of ‘political educators’. First it is a Minister of Finance who does not know how a fixed deposit is operated, now we have a Sport Minister who can’t give any feasible responses to the projects falling under his portfolio and a 3 million dollar ungazetted Commission of Enquiry! I would seriously like to know the feasibility of having an unfeasible government mismanage an economy to the point that one day we may end up just like Guyana, a land with a history of wealth transformed to a land of despair all because of one man’s unfeasible blindness and stifling egotism! ©


  1. OKE,
    Professor UFF played a master stroke today when he announced that the COE team will prepare a report on all of their mandate save for the Cleaver Heights matter added in May since no submissionson this matter was made to the COE. As to a specific question asked by Alvin Fitzpatrick SC with regards to the evidence of Carl Khan, Prof. UFF said that evidence was sworn by statutory declaration and would stand as is, that is unchallenged, he however indicated that if Hart's/Udecott's lawyers wished to cross-examine Khan he would facilitate it. The real reason for the attempt to have the COE scuttled was indubitably because the evidence of Khan was both incontrovertible and unimpeachable and as such Goddard and Soloman choose not to cross-examine him. If you haven't read Khan's submissions they are available on the COE's website.

  2. Thanks Benjamin...I checked it out...saw all the documents and emails between Carl Khan and Sherry Hart's brother and brother in law....Directors of CH International.

    I'm now waiting like all patriotic citizens to see how much further Patrick Manning is willing to go to defend Calder Hart and UDECOTT.

  3. Oke,

    You see the latest saga in the UDeCOTT fiasco, where Manning has called Khan a "jilted lover", I wonder what compelling reasons PM has to defend Hart et al in the face of such compelling evidence..........I think we reach, corruption is now at an all time high. Kleptocracy!!!!!!!!

  4. The man has a legacy to secure, and right now that legacy like all the UDECOTT projects.....its in a state of cost much Manning's legacy will cost us...only time will tell.

  5. Oke, what do you think of Solomon electing not to cross-examine Khan?

    Read what Arthur McShine contemporary of Solomon and son of former Chief Justice Sir Hugh McShine had to say.

  6. I think monkey knows which tree to climb!


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Finger Licking Good!!!!
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