Thursday, August 6, 2009

Would you pay for online news?

Greedy Murdoch being the never satisfied capitalist parasite that he is, says the era of free online news is soon coming to an end. His company lost $3.4bn at the end of June...well boo hooo News Corp made so much money in the past they should now provide news both digital and in print for free! Murdoch talks about 'Digital Revolution'....oh please, for someone who has been in the media for a long time Murdoch is a bit late with this idea.

Several news agencies tried this stunt already and when they started to charge visitors to their site people just simply switched to the sites that were offering free news and so the sites that were charging had to revert to offering free news. Asking people to pay for online news would be the equivalent to facebook asking it's members to use their site and there is no way in hell I will pay to use facebook unless it involves using their advert template to advertise my business.

Some are ready to state that we pay for news when we buy a newspaper, that maybe true but news in the print and news online are not comparable because I'm already paying flow for my broadband subscription so why should I pay to view the websites online?

My online news websites are and and I will not be willing to pay for either of them. Most news are bad news anyway, why should I pay a subscription fee to read about two foreign tourists being hacked in Tobago, or pay to read about Goopeesingh's ethnic cleansing and Patrick Manning's assasination claims. And worst still, in any event most news are repetitive and are regurgitations of past articles. So would you pay for online news? The poll is at the top of the page.©

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Finger Licking Good!!!!

Finger Licking Good!!!!
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