Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lord Strange Citizen Award August 2009

The beginning of this week was very fruitful for the law abiding citizens of this country. This week’s Lord Strange Citizen Awards goes to Dianne Baptiste and off-duty police constable PC Hall. There was something that struck me about the stories of both these individuals but before I go on further, for those of you who did not get to read the Express today (Wed 19 August 2009) let me just paraphrase and highlight bits of the stories that got my undivided attention, the links are provided for those who want to read the complete stories.

Dianne Baptiste - Bandit Tackled By Mom

“A mother who found a gunman outside her home intent on robbing and killing, saved herself and her teenage daughters on Monday.

"What was he going to do with this gun? Show it to me? No. He wanted to kill me. So I collared him. I shoved him and he fell backwards and the firearm fell out."

While others faced with a similar situation may have capitulated, Baptiste said, "I could not. Our home has been broken twice before.

"I did not want to be a victim a third time. And this man? Invading your privacy and then want to kill?"
Read the rest of this story here - Bandit Takcled By Mom

PC Hall – It Good For He

“Sympathy for a dead bandit was almost non-existent yesterday afternoon as he lay on the road next to a car that police believe he wanted to steal from a well-armed, well- trained off-duty police constable who was with his ten-year-old son at the time of the incident.

PC Hall at the time was standing outside the car, wearing a thick gold chain.

The bandit walked up to Hall, pointed a .357 Magnum to his head and began grabbing the chain. Hall reportedly began telling his now panicked son to "calm down."

Both police and bandit struggled as the large gold chain proved difficult to rip off. Hall, however, was able to reach for his service pistol. He pointed it at the bandit who was apparently preoccupied with the chain and squeezed the trigger.

The bandit fell back but as he raised his gun to fire back, Hall shot him again, killing him on the spot.

The Express was told by several people at the scene that they knew the bandit's face.
"For the last three days he was riding a bicycle up and down the road...we eh know what he was looking for...well like he find it," said one woman who didn't want to be named.

"Is a good thing he dead," said another woman, "the pitch real hot this evening."

Read the rest of this story here - It Good For He

Well done Ms Baptiste and PC get this weeks’ Lord Strange Citizen Award. May your families continue to be safe and may you continue to prosper through your hard work and determination. Now, let’s get down to the issues, you see the striking thing about both these stories is that the intended victim’s children were present. Yet still the presence of these people’s children in no way softened the heart of these heartless, selfish, lazy criminals. It did not matter that Ms. Baptiste was someone’s wife, mother, sister or aunt. It did not matter to that now thankfully dead criminal that PC Hall was someone’s husband, father, brother or uncle and that his ten year old son was in the car.

These two incidents are directly linked to my prior post ‘Abolishing The Death Penalty While Pissing on the Victims of Crime” . In this post I clearly stated that the death penalty is a consequence of a criminal’s wicked actions against a helpless law abiding society. These criminals are parasites, feeding off of the energy and sweat of the law abiding citizens of this country, home all day smoking weed on the block and then coming out with their guns in tow to shoot, maim, and kill for material things they did not work for nor are they entitled too.

Of course the anti-death penalty crew came at me with their dubious claims of the death penalty not being a deterrent, criminals are psychotic people and it doesn’t mean they should be killed because of that and the death penalty causes crime. What utter rubbish, did the death penalty stated in ink and paper cause that young man to go to the home of Ms Baptiste to rob her? Did the death penalty cause that young man to put a gun to an off duty officer’s head in the presence of his son in an attempt to steal his gold chain? These fools can’t even read so I doubt they are even aware of the contents of the law governing the death penalty.

Why do anti-death penalty activists keep making excuses for these heartless wicked low life criminals? Imagine I was told that criminals are psychotic and are not of sound mind like myself and the rest of the law abiding citizens that is why they kill and it doesn’t mean we should kill them. What????? Hello, to my anti-death penalty fanatics, criminologists have long declared crime the ‘alternate economy’. Criminologist have long declared that ‘criminal masterminds’ operate just like the CEO’s in big companies, they plan and execute their nefarious acts with great ‘cognitive judgement’. These criminals know exactly what they are doing when they put a gun to your mother, father, daughter or spouse’s head!

That guy who went to Ms Baptiste house could have been successful in overpowering her, then what, most likely rape and kill both her and her daughters. Would we have heard an out-cry from Amnesty International and their sycophant anti-death penalty supporters? Would any of them have contributed financially to helping Ms Baptiste’s husband bury his wife and daughters? Would they have held Mr. Baptiste put his life together again if that would have been possible? What about PC Hall’s ten year old son? Would Amnesty have provided a councillor for that young man after watching his father brutally murdered for a gold chain that was not the entitlement of some block rat? Would they have ensured that he was financially taken care of until the legal age and pay his university fees etc?

Can someone tell me when exactly did the tables turn? When did criminals earn the right to rape and kill our family members with impunity and then subsequently use the law to preserve their worthless souls? When? When did this transformation occur? This week in Ohio Jason Getsy was executed for the 1995 murder of 66 year old Ann Serafino. Can you imagine that son of a bitch asked the American Supreme Court to grant him stay to challenge Ohio’s lethal injection system as “cruel and unusual punishment”? Can you believe the audacity of that fool? If the lethal injection is a cruel punishment to him then what the hell was his shooting to Ms Serafino, a bloody act of generosity?? It did not matter to Mr. Getsy that this woman was someone’s mother, grandmother or sister. People need to realise that these criminals are selfish, heartless ego centric persons who only care about themselves and will trample on the rights of everyone in order to satisfy their selfish impulses.

Such is the twisted way of the world where the criminals have all the rights and the ordinary law abiding citizen has none. Thankfully the residents of Ohio had their way and the bastard was executed on Tuesday 18 August 2009. At least the residents of Ohio will not be punished now into providing perpetual shelter, food, entertainment and medical care for that low life. I look forward to the resumptions of hangings in Trinidad and Tobago so we can purge T&T of the parasites that walk amongst us.

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Finger Licking Good!!!!
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