Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drugs & Ammo the key to your HDC House

Years ago I applied to HDC to get a house and I've never once gotten a phone call even acknowledging the submission of my application, but Alas, I have figured out the key to getting an HDC house.

Yuh see, last week some police officers made a drug bust on some other police officers at the St. Joseph Police Station. Drugs and illegal ammnunition was found in the roof of the St. Joseph Police Station and instead of arresting every officer in that station or even suspending them, they were simply transferred to other stations.

Now some of you might think it harsh for me to expect all these officers at the St. Joseph Police Station to be arrested and maybe it is harsh because I'm sure not every single police officer at this station is corrupt. But the thing is, if a family of let's say 6 people are living together, and one of them is dealing drugs and illegal firearms, if the police raids the house of this family as far as I know everybody in the house going down!

This is clearly a case of different strokes for different folks. I honestly didn't understand Philbert's logic that they had to transfer the officers so that persons visiting the St. Joseph Police Station will feel reassured that the officers to which they are seeking assistance from are not 'bad cops'. I want to know if Philbert thinks the entire citizenry is grateful to him now that he has dispersed these suspected dirty cops to different stations where they can now further pollute the stations of other districts? Doesn't he realise that by dispersing and retaining cops who have clouds hanging over their heads would be a blemish on the entire force? While I understand his arguments of industrial relations, these officers could have at least been placed on paid suspension until the completion of any investigations. I honestly don't know why everyone seemed so surprised by this find anyway because I've always maintained that the biggest illegal gang in T&T is the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

In any event, back to my original grouse with the HDC house, clearly the police has changed their stance with regard to arresting everyone when drugs and ammunition is found in a building. So hear what folks to all of you who tired of paying rent, just get some drugs and a few rounds of ammunition, bore a whole in your apartment's ceiling (don't make too much noise because yuh don't want to alert the landlord), put the drugs and ammo in the ceiling then call the police yuhself. Once they find the drugs and ammmo in your apartment you will be transferred to an HDC house that you applied for 20 yrs ago! ©

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Finger Licking Good!!!!
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