Thursday, September 30, 2010

The writing is on the wall!

Father what have I done?! I can't believe I voted for this PP Government, is this the making of our own Nazi Government? Why does Kamla et al feel they have the right to infringe on my constitutional rights? The mere fact that Kamla, Ramlogan et al are seeking to destroy the constitutional rights of the citizens of this country by passing a law in Parliament to prevent Clico depositors from taking legal action against them as is their constitutional right, is proof that they know what they are doing IS WRONG!! If they really believe in their hearts that their approach is the right move why not let it take it's course in the courts and let our justice system give the final decision? Kamla is being a hypocrite what does she mean it's tax payers money that is being used to bail out Clico? What's up with the subtle divide and rule implications in that statement? So who's money is being used to bail out HCU? And aren't Clico depositors tax payers? People need to understand that yes with high interest there is high risk, but the Central Bank which is the financial regulator of this country did not indicate to citizens of this country that Clico's policies were a ponzi scheme nor did they indicate to the general public that Clico was in financial trouble and I do not recall Clico's auditors giving them a year end qualified auditor's report! If anything who ever is Clico's auditors, along with the Central Bank failed in their duties and should be jailed for misbehaviour in public office and a derelection of duty! This government is out of order! And I hope all citizens of this country irrespective of policital affiliation will open their eyes and see this is the beginning of something very ugly! It is this same subtle manner that Hitler took control of Germany and led an entire country of millions a stray! 'We will let the people decide' was Kamla's election campaign, and within five months she and her deceitful government is ENSURING THAT THE PEOPLE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DECIDE! How can so called leaders of the people like Mary King, Stephen Cadiz, Prakash Ramadhar, Garvin Nicholas and Hamel-Smith sit idly by while this insiduous criminal act is being perpetrated on the people's of this country by none other than their own government! Is Verna St. Rose also prepared to walk for this latest faux pas by the PP Government? She is unusually silent! I see very dark dark days ahead! ©

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Finger Licking Good!!!!

Finger Licking Good!!!!
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