Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dealing with a parasitic criminal element

I just watched a video clip on Rachel Price’s facebook page from Ian Alleyne’s crime show, showing the CTV clippings of a man who was shot and killed while waiting to buy bread at a bakery when some men stole his vehicle. This man had a wife and a four month old baby at home waiting for him and that is the first point I want to make, criminals do not care that their victims whom they slaughter like pigs, have loved ones waiting for them to come home. These criminals also do not value the lives of their victims, the lives of us law abiding citizens means nothing to them hence they have no qualms about pulling out a gun and shooting us for a vehicle that we’re most probably still paying the bank for.

For someone to kill another human being with such ease, that person has to have the mentality of a cold blooded parasite, what I call a locust mentality. A locust does not work in the field but it will fly into a garden and clean up everything without once thinking about all the hard work the farmer put into that garden. These criminals are human locusts, they are parasites but unlike locusts which just takes what they did not work had to grow without murdering the farmer, these human locusts are not only taking what they did not work hard for, they are also heartlessly murdering the hard working law abiding citizens of this country and by extension murdering the soul of this nation, because when a father, mother or child is murdered a family is also damaged or in some cases completely broken and the psychological scars remain long after the decomposition of the deceased loved one.

While we the law abiding citizens go to school to get an education, to get a good job, get up 5 am every morning to go to a job that some of us hate but we do it anyway to make ends meet, these criminals waste their schooling years, they then spend the majority of their late teens on the block smoking illicit drugs and then when they mature into young adults they come out with guns in hand to rob and steal from and kill hard working law abiding citizens for what they worked hard for, all so that they and their ‘baby mamas’ could wear the latest brands and go to the latest fete driving a car that they killed a father of a four month old baby the previous night for. That is the mentality of a parasite, feeding off of a productive host to the point of killing it. We the law abiding citizens are nothing but a fat succulent host to the criminal element in this country.

When a farmer encounters locust in his garden he does not capture them and put them somewhere and try to reform their parasitic mentalities /instinct because he knows all too well that is their nature. Nothing he does will be able to convince the locusts that it has no right to just fly onto his farm and kill his crops. The farmer gasses them, he sprays them he eradicates the locusts. So too we as a country need to eradicate these societal locusts from amongst us. I cannot for the life of me understand why successive government after successive government refuses to implement our laws on the death penalty, as far as I’m concerned the government is being negligent, is in contempt of our courts and the death sentencing judgements they have delivered thus far and is violating the constitution of Trinidad and Tobago by not upholding the death penalty. On the 19 of June the United States executed a convicted killer by firing squad, I’m pretty certain if we start putting criminals in front of a firing squad many of these gun toting cowards would think twice about their actions. Criminals are cowards and while they are more than prepared to take a life they are not prepared to lose their own.

We also need to change the outdated colonial laws concerning the ability of law abiding citizens having the right to bear arms. As it stands there is no law granting law abiding citizens the right to carry a fire arm, yet still the criminal elements has an abundance of weapons and ammunition while law abiding citizens are virtually unarmed defenceless sitting ducks keeping their fingers crossed that today is not the day their ‘number’ is going to be called. Many uninformed people like to proffer the thesis that giving citizens the right to bear arms will give the criminals more guns. This is an absurd argument as the criminals already have guns in the absence of any such law. Citizens having the right to bear arms will level the playing field, it will give citizens the opportunity to protect themselves and their families when the law is not around and it will make criminals think twice about brazenly walking up to someone and try taking their vehicle or breaking into their homes.

These laws preventing citizens from having arms is an old outdated colonial law that was used to ensure that our enslaved forefathers never had the capability to rise up against their colonial oppressor and they have to be changed now! As long as the death penalty is not enforced criminals will continue to kill without compunction and as long as law abiding citizens are not given the right to bear arms we will continue to be sitting ducks in the hunting fields of the criminal elements. The new government needs to take urgent action concerning these issues, for far too long we have been silent and ignoring them as a nation like a the proverbial ostrich burying it's head in the sand which has only lead to the death of more unarmed law abiding citizens, as the maxim goes “Fight Crime, Shoot Back!” ©

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