Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PNM Education

So apparently the PNM faithful were mesmerised by a 15 year old who attends QRC and spoke at the PNM’s political meeting in Maloney on Monday night, so mesmerized were they that according to the Express’ report, he had the crowd ‘hanging on his every word.’ Apparently the crowd became so disruptive by this young man’s speech that they had to play the PNM’s political road march song to bring some order.

So what exactly were some of the utterances of this PNM golden child? I quote in verbatim “Look in your own house, are there any coal pots? Fireside? Fibre mattress? Buffalo pillows?” and the crowd responded with a resounding no! He then continued “Or do you say flat screen TV, a car in the garage, a computer. Ladies and gentlemen we are a prosperous people. Yet there are people trying to convince you that the economy is in bad shape, but on the other hand in their mouths are promising pensioners $3,000 a month. Do you believe that? Are they trying to insult your intelligence?” Is it just me or does it seem that only people of little intelligence would have regarded this young speaker as some sought of political guru?

First of all the references to the coal pots, fibre mattresses etc as a sign of economic stability are quite silly. Once again here is the PNM, using a youth to boot, preaching to the illiterate faithful and trying to convince them that somehow or the other the PNM is responsible for global modernity and technological advancement. Next thing you know they will tell you be grateful to the balisier because you have a blackberry phone and you don't have to use a pay phone! And apparently Serta, Lensyl and Restonic all got their ideas of using reinforced foam and springs to make mattresses in the 21st century from the PNM government! No more fibre mattresses, all hail Manning! Oh and by the way, someone should indicate to PNM members that if you have a fireside in your house then you probably live in one of those big houses in Maraval, possibly on Calder Hart’s street! Although why you would have a fireside in the Caribbean eludes me but a fireside ‘inside’ of your house is in fact not a sign of poverty ask the Canadians!

Then there is the equating of material things with prosperity. Only a fool will believe having many material things is a sign of prosperity, that is what I refer to as the 'ghetto mentality'. You can have flat screen TVs, an expensive car, the latest laptop and be dead broke, bankrupt or up to your neck in debt. Furthermore none of these items mentioned are 'investments', they are either expenses or luxuries, which while they may be amusing and entertaining, they add no significant value to your life or your well being. So once again the PNM imbuing the minds of their followers with garbage and they lap it up like hungry dogs. My amusement reigns supreme!

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Finger Licking Good!!!!

Finger Licking Good!!!!
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