Wednesday, December 30, 2015

UNC Needs Reality Check

Oil rich nation Saudi Arabia which is far wealthier than Trinidad and Tobago in a clear depature from it's decade old generous welfare system has moved to slash subsidies due to the fall in oil prices.  Long accustomed to cheap utilities Saudi's were shocked when their government told them they have to pay extra for fuel, electricity, water and plane tickets. Prices on fuel products were increased by 50%. Saudi Finance Minister is quoted as saying "We have to rationalize unneccessary spending...this requires changes to focus on essential spending.

In light of this information citizens must question pronouncements made by the UNC Opposition Leader in criticizing the Dr. Rowley led PNM Government for first implementing small increases in the price of fuel and seeking to make savings in social programmes such as the food card and free school books for children.

The attempt by Mrs. Persad-Biessessar to blame the new PNM government for our economic woes in light of the excessive waste which occured under her stewardship and in light of prevailing global economic conditions has left many citizens in bewilderment. Is it that the irrational comments coming from the UNC camp is a glimpse of the disaster that awaited us had we retained them in Government?

If the UNC was truly serious about governance they will not at this time be criticizing the PNM Government for making neccessary cuts, they would instead be doing its own work in identifying additional areas of waste/unnecessary spending and pointing these out to the PNM Government.

What we are witnessing from the UNC Opposition is it's continued failures as a political vehicle. The UNC has never been a Government in waiting but a political party in waiting because they lack the necessary Governance philosophy to be a "constructive" alternative. The philosophy and politics of the UNC has always bordered on anarchism, rendering them politically handicap. Thus they often miss obvious opportunities to demonstrate their political worth to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. Notwithstanding the recent bruising internal elections, one thing remains abundantly clear, that the UNC and its political leader are in dire need of a reality check.


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Finger Licking Good!!!!
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