Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ashworth Jack must also call for resignation of Devant Maharaj

Mr. Sandy made some unfortunate comments during the election campaign in Tobago and has been rightly condemned for them. But what disgust me is the hypocrisy of the UNC, TOP and it's leader Ashworth Jack in calling for Mr. Sandy to withdraw from the election. Where was Ashworth Jack when Devant "Parsuram" Maharaj wrote an article entitled "Secrets of the census in Trinidad and Tobago" back in 2005? This article which can be found from a simple Google search, revealed what Mr. Maharaj truly thought of Afro Trinbagonians back then, Tobagonians in particular. He was not concerned about national unity then but about the ethnic domination of the East Indian. 

The following excerpt is from Mr. Devant Maharaj's article, "Dr Morgan Job has been attempting to influence the people of Tobago to seek a federal relationship with Trinidad. He even advocates outright independence. I say let the 44,190 (Tobago) go independent if they wish or, for that matter, let them join a federal relationship with Grenada and let Morgan Job be president. The result will make the African population of Trinidad a smaller minority by another two per cent. With the Tobago figure taken out of the 2000 census figures, the Indian majority will climb to 41.85 per cent while the African will slip to 35.04 per cent. These census figures that are being suppressed have serious implications for the disbursement of funds for education, culture, regional development and other State realignments." You can read the entire article at this link >>>>>> 

As you can see back then Mr. Maharaj who was a prominent member of the Maha Saba now a government Minister under the People's Partnership Government was not interested in national unity at all. He was only interested in the ethnic dominance of the East Indian. As a matter of fact Mr. Maharaj wanted Tobago to go their way just for the simple fact of reducing the Afro population in the unitary state Trinidad and Tobago. Yet still Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar leader of the United National Congress deemed Mr. Devant Maharaj a suitable candidate for her so called "multi-ethnic" government. How could Mrs. Bissessar appoint someone with the philosophy of Devant Maharaj? And he is functioning as a current PP Minister serving all ethnicities without fear or favour? If he can do that after making these comments why can't Mr. Sandy serve after making his comments? 

How can someone who wanted to get rid of Tobago just because of the Afro population across there, be a valid member of a government which claims to want to give Tobago autonomy and which claims they are inclusive of all races in Trinidad and Tobago. I eagerly await an explanation from Mr. Ashworth Jack of Mr. Devant Maharaj's presence in the People's Partnership Government.

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Finger Licking Good!!!!
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