Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stone in my shoe

One morning a couple weeks ago at work, I had cause to take my shoe off to remove a stone that was causing me much irritation. While searching for the little bastard that was causing me much discomfort, I found myself muttering the words "Stone in my shoe". That was it, just "stone in my shoe", it was not even a full sentence. I stood confused asking myself, that apart from the obvious fact that I did indeed have a stone in my shoe, why did I see the need to verbalize it to myself and in such an informal way. It is during this state of unexpected mental indulgence that it occurred to me, know that would be a pretty cool name for a book, "Stone in my shoe".

As an avid reader, I did not surprise myself at the direction my contemplations veered. But then another thought came to mind, that is we all have figurative "Stones in our shoes", you know something or someone in our lives that is causing us to lose focus or feel discomfort. These stones usually tend to cause us to lose focus on achieving our goals or cause us to stop doing things we may enjoy doing. In some cases we ourselves may be the stone in our very own shoe by harbouring negative thoughts about ourselves or about others, thus becoming entrapped in a cycle of negative energy and thought, causing much discomfort to our spiritual and emotional well being.

The trouble is, some of us become so entrapped by the discomfort that it cripples us to the point of making it extremely difficult to come to the understanding that at times we just need to stop, realign our thoughts with our actions and engage in a sought of re-calibration of the soul, thus removing the "stone from our shoe". This can be especially difficult when as I mentioned above, sometimes we ourselves are the stone in our own shoe and in cases like these it can often be difficult to locate the stone as we fail to recognize that we may be the source of our own discomfort.

I guess my message to you in these insane contemplations is, always strive to maintain a stone free shoe, however figurative or literal. My other message to you is, it does not hurt to speak to yourself sometimes! Have a fantastic long weekend!

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Finger Licking Good!!!!

Finger Licking Good!!!!
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