Thursday, March 11, 2010

PNM running out of spin material

Evidently there is a strong belief in the minds of the current PNM Government members that the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are by and large a bunch of complete idiots. First there was the 'Minister of Souls' Dr. Dick-Forde, indicating to us that we should be ashamed for exercising our democratic rights by demanding transparency and accountability with regards state enterprise UDECOTT and it's chairman Calder Hart. Apparently citizens asking questions about the clear breaches of procurement practices by UDECOTT revealed by the UFF Commission and the demand for Mr. Calder Hart's resignation in light of allegations of family links in the awarding of billion dollar contracts have some how not succeded in alerting the government into thinking that something may be seriously wrong with UDECOTT, rather it has apparently caused great offense to the rank and file of the PNM Government.

Then there is Attorney General John Jeremie who claims to have launched a criminal probe into Mr. Calder Hart since September 2009, yet this criminal probe was unable to confirm what Mr. Khan revealed about Mr. Hart's family links at the UFF Commisson despite having been commissioned by Mr. Jeremie almost six months ago. Instead the COP, a political organisation which does not have any of the resources available to the Attorney General, was cable of obtaining documents from the Malaysian Government within weeks for a small fee of USD $3000.00. Not only does this situation call into question the efficiency of the Attorney General and whichever investigating authority he selected to carry out this criminal probe it also raises questions about Government's committment to get to the bottom of the allegations against Mr. Hart and UDECOTT if ever there was a committment in the first place.

Enter Mr. Parsanlal who at this Thursday's weekly cabinet media briefing, went on record as saying government's reason for not taking action against Mr. Hart sooner was due to the fact that all that existed with regards Mr. Hart and UDECOTT were allegations. Apparently it has eluded the government and continues to elude the Government that these very allegations which they the government claim they could not have acted upon, are the same allegations which resulted in the COP uncovering the Malaysian documents establishing the family ties to Mr. Hart and CH Development, it is the same allegations that revealed breach of procurement practices by UDECOTT and identified the fax number on CH Development correspondence as belonging to that of none other than Mr. Calder Hart.

Everyday I watch in amazement as the PNM government single handedly engages in a mission of spin and denial, an action which would have no doubt stir the ire of a population in other parts of the world so much so that there would have been a coup and forceful removal of government. I do believe that it is the passive nature of the Trinbagonian people that this PNM government is erroneously mistaking for naivety. Make no mistake about it, the citizens of this country are increasingly becoming agitated of the arrogant nature of our elected officials and the PNM will pay dearly for the ill treatment and disrespect they have dished out to the citizens of this country in abundance and no amount of spin will deliver them from the impending Political castration.

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Finger Licking Good!!!!

Finger Licking Good!!!!
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