Monday, November 2, 2009

Subway Wins Round 1

I’m pleased to announce that Subway Trinidad Limited has won round one and thus retained me as a customer. Below is a caustic complaint I sent to Subway International @, a complaint which stemmed from the poor service I received at Subway St James on Sunday 1 November 2009. What basically happened was the manager at that branch was selling spotted wilted old lettuce and passing it off as legitimate healthy lettuce.

I sent that email to Subway International around 9:30 pm and by 4:00 pm today (Monday) I received a phone call from a Ms. Bain who profusely apologise for the situation. Ms. Bain was quite pleasant and indicated to me that she actually does not see my complaint as a ‘complaint’ but as positive feedback as sometimes they may lose a customer and not know why so she was grateful that I took the time to address the issue that affected me.

Ms. Bain also confirmed my suspicions that the lettuce that was being served at this branch was in fact not to be served. She explained to me that the lettuce (Iceberg) is actually delivered from the US and sometimes ‘inevitably’ they may get a bad shipment (This I can totally understand), however she indicated and as I would have expected, whenever a branch receives a bad shipment of lettuce they are in fact supposed to return it to the supplier and not serve it to the end customer. Ms. Bain even gave me her mobile number (I suspect it’s a company phone but that’s beside the point) and told me if ever I should have any more problems at any branch I can feel free to call her and have the matter addressed. I will also be provided with vouchers for free subways as compensation for the terrible service I received. So hats off to the customer service at Subway I feel quite satisfied with the manner in which the issue was dealt. If ever any of you hard working Trinibagonians who like to ensure you get value for money should get any bad service from them to the international branch at

The service I received at that St. James branch is another example of poor customer service in this country. And I just want to say that the problem is not only on the side of business owners it is also on the side of consumers because consumers do not know their rights. While I was in the line complaining about the lettuce there were two young women behind me who were laughing at me, apparently in Trinidad and Tobago once you stand up for your rights you are the joke of the day. While cashing I noticed that the girl who attended to me applied copious amounts of brown lettuce to the sandwiches of those two laughing goons....much to their delight....apparently they are unable to tell the difference between spoilt and healthy lettuce. I’m the one who had the last laugh though, because now I have vouchers to receive free subways and all it cost me was an email to the right department. Bless!

The Complaint

Good evening, I would like to express my dissatisfaction at the level of service I received from the above branch (St James). Now I do realise that you guys are an international franchise but I would like to think that those who choose to represent you should do so in a manner that does not tarnish the image of your company. That said, I visited the above branch of Subway and noticed that the lettuce in the vegetables display were wilted and had lots of brown spots on it. I asked one of the workers to speak to the manager who incidentally was the person taking the orders, so I enquired of the status of the lettuce because apart from looking totally unappealing to the eye it looked quite rotten.

The manager to my surprise told me that the lettuce is "Iceberg" lettuce and that is how it comes. Now...nothing annoys me more than people trying to take me for an idiot, I purchase iceberg lettuce all the time from our local supermarket and I've never seen any with wilted leaves and brown spots and this is iceberg lettuce shipped from the US to our country! Clearly the manager thinking that because I'm a local I wouldn't know what iceberg lettuce looks like...attempts to hoodwink me so they can sell me their rotted lettuce.

The other assistant then proceeds to dress my sandwich with the same wilted spotted lettuce and when I asked her to take out the ones with the brown spots and wilted leaves she was more annoyed than I! This is nothing but third world customer service and totally unacceptable. It is disgraceful that these people are willingly selling the public of Trinidad and Tobago rotten vegetables with their subway sandwiches. According to this following website it clearly states that one ought to avoid Iceberg lettuce or any lettuce for that matter that are wilted and has brown spots. I respectfully request that you submit this link to the owners of the Trinidad branch of subway so that they will know what healthy lettuce looks like and that they will also know that the citizens of Trinidad are not idiots...we know what healthy lettuce looks like as well.

Best Regards,
Oke Zachary

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Finger Licking Good!!!!
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