Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Silence Is Best

I have not heard any other Independent Senator trying to justify why they voted a particular way with regards the bill to postpone local government elections so why does Ms Mehair feel she has the need to explain, justify and prove her independence? Is it that for some reason unknown to the public her conscience is some how taunting her? Ms Mehair has declared and sought to 'prove' her independence by providing some of the most illogical explanations. For instance Ms. Mehair is quoted as saying "I do not condone what the government is doing. Remember that, I said it is undemocratic and unbearable and it brings about a certain amount of anger not only within myself but within the people of Trinidad and Tobago", yet she voted with the Government claiming her responsibility as an Independent Senator is not to thwart Government policy.

Well I have some pretty stupid questions for Ms. Mehair. If Government's policy is as you say, undemocratic and unbearable then is this not an attack against the people of this nation? And is it not your duty as an Independent Senator to use your senatorial vote to prevent this and uphold the sanctity of democracy? Or is it that in your opinion undemocratic and unbearable actions by a government against it's people is perfectly acceptable in a democracy? I fail to see the logic in your arguments honourable senator, as a matter of fact I do believe you have willfully vilified yourself. And with regard Ms. Mehair's outburst that she is a 'government senator', many have referred to this as a Freudian slip, however when I heard Ms. Mehair's outburst I was reminded of the old saying, "The things which proceed out of the mouth, come from the heart and those things defile a man". Perhaps Ms Mehair would have been better advised by her 'constitutional expert incognito' to simply vote and keep her mouth shut like her 'independent' colleague Mr. Annisette! There comes a time when silence is best because the change from the dollar makes the most noise! ©

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Finger Licking Good!!!!

Finger Licking Good!!!!
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